Transforming centralized to decentralized cloud storage in the next decade.

Decentralized storage built base on blockchain technology connects users who need file storage with hosts worldwide offering underutilized hard drive capacity. Blockchain technology secures their data and enables improved economics for users and hosts.

Our Mission

Make each person's data completely secure, private and easily accessible.

We’re builds an decentralized storage application can be easily accessible and integratable for individual and business across the world.


Own Your Data

We make the your data uncontrollable by anyone except you.



We protect the privacy of your data from the prying eyes of organizations.


Accessible from Anywhere.

We build APIs to integrate across every platform and app you use every day.

Our Values

Because life is short. We choose to solve the world's painful problems.

We were born somewhere, grew up with the experiences of the previous generation, solved the problems we faced and eventually left. Our values help us fulfill our mission in the best way and move the world forward.

Be Strong

Be Kind

Be Straight

Be Grateful

Our Vission

Making decentralized storage happen

Over the past decade, corporations have built centralized data centers and exploited. But the downside of centralized storage is not secure for users and is censored.

When Bitcoin was born with blockchain technology behind. It’s initiated a decentralized revolution where no one could control the data, no one could attack, no one could censor. So we’re here to make the decentralized world happen even faster.

We’re investing in the Deupload team because we believe they have the right combination of talent, experience, and community to shepherd us into the era of the Decentralized Web.

Bill Callan

Beyond their technical skills, what attracted us to Deupload is the team’s commitment to decentralization and a value proposition that aligns investors' economic goals with developers’ interests.

Jacob Thornton

Helping the world move forward.

We would not have achieved the goal without you, customers, developers and investors. Join us to create the future decentralized world.