Building the world’s best IPFS Storage powered by decentralized network.

We make decentralized file storage on IPFS as simple as using the tools you love and interoperable via API with developer-friendly documentation.

Our mission is to protect human knowledge through freedom of information.

Our goal is to make decentralized storage accessible and easy to use for everyone. We’re doing this by building a scalable, secure and performant access layer to decentralized storage networks, with a seamless user experience interface and integratable.


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Our story

IPFS is a distributed system for storing and accessing files, that changes the way humans and computers communicate in a decentralized world. However, accessing and using this technology is still difficult for an average user.

Why is it difficult? To store a file on IPFS in a decentralized network like Filecoin, you need some computer knowledge to install software on your desktop, buy some cryptocurrency, and learn how to interact with the network.

For that reason, I have developed a solution to store files on IPFS in a simpler way but still keep secure called Deupload. Deupload lets you store files on IPFS with file sharing, file request, and team collaboration features with a seamless user experience like the tools you’ve come to know and love.

I hope Deupload can improve the file storage experience on a decentralized network and realize IPFS’s vision of a future decentralized world.

Our value

We value true innovation and giving our people freedom to find their own creative solutions to the challenges we face. We’re all in the same boat – it’s time to begin the voyage.

Be You

We embrace diversity, and provide freedom and flexibility.

Strive to Grow

We tap into your unique talents ad challenge you every day

Push the Boundaries

We constantly look for new ways to be smarter and faster.

Unite As One

We work as a team toward a single vission and goal.

Get to know us

Bring all of your team members and files under one roof. Get a holistic view of what’s happening in all the teams and discussions you’ve joined.


Our vission

Our vision is that Deupload will democratize distributed data storage on a decentralized network in the next decade and empower everyone to escape the control of centralized data companies.