Super private storage solution for the future of internet freedom

If you are working with extremely sensitive files, then this is the place to store them. Deupload is an application built on top of Sia’s peer-to-peer network base on blockchain to store files in a decentralized way.

Secure and encrypted-by-default backups

Fully-managed backup and recovery storage, powered by Blockchain.

Protect your content

Control access to every folder with granular user permissions for secure file sharing.

Bring creative work to life

Automatically sync your files and your partners are always working on the latest version.

Integrate into workflows

Manage what happens to your information, whether it's shared internally or with outside partners.

Do more with Upload

Stay productive with secure remote working tools, history edit, file paths, and much more.

What make it different?

Decentralized Storage Revolution alternative to centralized cloud storage

Like with conventional cloud computing, you pay as you use, instead of pre-paying for a server. However, instead of all the data being stored in a centralized server, the data is distributed into different chunks and stored inside the different nodes of a peer-to-peer (P2P) network.

No Single Point of Failure

Tsunami can make Amazon or Google data centers disappear. But the network of blockchain nodes does not, there is always a backup node for your files.

No Censorship

Because the files are not stored in a centralized point. So an attacker could have thousands of nodes to contend with — making a DoS attack close to impossible. ‍

Ownership of Data

The companies that offer security standards but they can fall susceptible to attacks. Decentralized storage puts you in control of your data, no one can own it.

"Most software organizations are doing their best to introduce a much better technology to improve their services. Deupload on the other hand has introduced a distinctive way of data encryption that will be much safer for both clients and office files and documents. The security it has is very improved than their competitors. This is why we use Deupload on our daily basis business."
Case Studies

Used by your favorite companies

Many of the greatest startups in the world are already using Deupload to help them get work done and solve their storage data secure needs.


Integrated with your favorite platforms

Your data should be connected and portable. Deupload connects with other sources to help you get more done.


Bring your content and email together. Send and share your files on Gmail or Outlook without leaving Deupload.

Microsoft Team

Share files and messages to your team in Facebook Workplace or Microsoft Teams without leaving Deupload.


Share images, documents and videos in Slack or WhatsApp. Preview files and add messages before sending.


Bring media files into Canva to design and create anything, and save finished work back to Deupload.


Need to make updates to a file? Work with tools like Smallpdf to organize, fill out, convert, and compress any PDF.


You can send documents through eSignature apps like HelloSign, and have signed copies automatically saved.

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