Optimize your back office operations.

The use of digital technology has made manufacturing processes easier and more efficient. With decentralized storage like Deupload, manufacturers of all sizes can create a central storage system to make sure information is accurate and save money on operations.

Keep your documents neat and tidy.

Deupload is a platform that follows strict security standards like ISO 27001 and SOC-2. It helps you easily create, organize, and manage your stuff, all while cleaning up any old or duplicate information in your system.

Deliver any large file

Deliver your large file transfers by sending an email or copying a download link to share with your recipients.

Ensure files get delivered

Confirm of your file transfers with notifications, control access with password and set link expiry.

Make a strong impression

Add your logo to your transfer download page. And, coming soon, you’ll be able to customise the links for your file transfers.

Improve inter-department synergy

Deupload offers a platform where employees from different parts of the company can work together using up-to-the-minute information. When teams collaborate at every step, from the initial idea to making the product, they can create things more efficiently.

information flow

You can use a Private Team Folder for secret files and a Public Team Folder for documents that everyone can see, like HR policies and safety manuals.

Offer specific
access levels

Make sure your production team has what they require. With Deupload, you can let them use design files without allowing them into the main storage folder.

Engage with third-party stakeholders

Work together with partners while keeping your files under your control. Share documents with password protection to make sure only authorized people can access important resources.

Supervise and control team files

With just one dashboard, administrators can see a complete summary of all the files and storage details.

Manage activity report

Make detailed reports that show what each team member has been up to, like how many files they’ve uploaded, edited, downloaded, and looked at. You can check out these reports for the whole team or for specific Team Folders.

Restrict external sharing

When designs get leaked before they’re supposed to, it can cost a company a lot of money. Deupload lets you control whether your employees can share files with people outside the team. You get to decide.

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