Collect files online

Deupload is an excellent platform that allows you to request and receive content from anyone, regardless of whether you are a recruiter collecting resumes or a professor gathering assignments. By using Deupload, you can streamline your content collection process, making it convenient and easy to manage.

Collect files from anyone

Protecting personal or professional information is essential, and Deupload offers a reassuring solution. With Deupload, users can confidently upload their files, knowing that their data is secure and that they are unable to access documents uploaded by others.

Store files in any folders

Tired of sorting emails, and downloading and organizing files manually? With Deupload, just choose a storage location, and you’ll get your submissions in one place.

Request user data

With Deupload, you can easily ask for details like name, phone, and email, to get a clear picture of who’s accessing your collection links.

Stay updated on users

Companies or teams often want to keep track of when and who submits files. That’s why Deupload gives you real-time updates whenever a user submits a file.

Create a collection report

Get a detailed log of who submitted what and when by creating a collection report. Simply export the report details to review user activities.

Create custom request file upload links

Collecting files from multiple people can be a daunting task, but Deupload makes it easy and secure. With Deupload, you can create personalized upload links, empowering users to submit their documents with confidence and ease.

Create upload link: Create a custom upload links, and enable users to submit their documents.
Send multiple recipients: Send your request upload link to anyone via email with a custom message.
Organize in folder: Get your submissions in one pleace and know when people are done.

Streamline your file collection efforts

The File Request feature allows users to request files from others through a secure online platform, eliminating the need for manual processes and providing added security.

Simplifies file collection

Make it easier to collect files from multiple individuals or sources instead via email.

Organized and efficient

Ensuring that all required files are obtained in a timely manner. It saves time and reduces the errors.

Increased security

The user controls access to the files they need, avoiding the potential security risks associated.

Collaboration made easy

Enables them to access and share files seamlessly and efficiently, no matter where they are located

Collection options that suit your every scenario

Request files from organization’s internal stakeholders

To create comprehensive personnel records, simply set up an internal collection link to receive files from our in-house Deupload users. This will make it easy for you to gather the necessary employee data.

Collect documents from users outside your organization

As a wealth management professional gathering financial information or a construction company soliciting bids, you can easily receive files from anyone on the internet by using an external collection link.