Centralized digital database for IT firms

As technology advances worldwide, the IT industry faces changing demands. Deupload empowers IT admins to effectively manage business continuity, increasing resources, and infrastructure upgrades.

Establish a centralized database to store and manage all your digital property records.

Support various file formats

With Deupload, you can easily access over 220 file types, including release notes, training videos, source code documents, software architecture documentation, and presentations, all in one place for streamlined efficiency.

Manage files in real-time

No need to manually browse through countless folders – simply input your search terms and let the powerful search feature locate your documents quickly. You can even utilize location filters and file-type filters.

File Sharing made easy

Active collaboration with both the internal and external partners of your firm can help in the agile development of software products that are creative and flexible.

Accessing data from within the organization

Consolidating all of your data, including digital documents stored in Team Folders, provides your team with a comprehensive overview of all your projects in one centralized location.

Sharing data with external collaborators

If you’re crowdsourcing a new product, service, or process and need to share confidential files or folders with external groups, ensure full control and security over your data by using password-protected access links in Deupload.

Elevating cybersecurity to new heights.

Given the ever-increasing size of client databases, cross-border data transfers, and complex regulatory landscapes, ensuring client data privacy and security has become a paramount concern for IT firms.

Disaster recovery

In the event of server damage, your files are securely backed up to an alternate server, ensuring quick accessibility without noticeable delay.

Intrusion protection

Our servers prioritize security with malware screening, powerful IDS/IPS, and DDoS protection to safeguard files and ensure system integrity.

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Collaborate seamlessly on sensitive information while ensuring data security and compliance. Try it now!