Efficiently Manage Medical Lab Data

Automate the process of managing your lab files with Deupload by digitizing patient records, payment invoices, test results, and lab information right at the point of entry. From report creation and storage to distribution, streamline your workflow by utilizing Deupload efficient file management system.

Streamline information flow

Collaborate seamlessly with your peers by creating a shared space in Team Folders on Deupload, giving your lab staff a unified view of your records. Gather all your team members in one place and work in sync for efficient lab record management.

Ensure consistent file arrangement

Simplify the process by categorizing reports, scan results, and other documents belonging to each patient. Custom fields can also be added based on your lab’s specific classification needs, making data organization efficient and tailored to your requirements.

Improve case management

Effortlessly share options with ease

Instantly share test results with doctors and streamline the process of adding their observations to draft the final report with Deupload. This innovative platform allows for contextual commenting on files, empowering your assistants and doctors to conveniently add information from anywhere and at any time.

Optimize Turnaround Time for Patients

With Deupload secure external sharing options, you can effortlessly attach scans, images, or PDFs to your reports and quickly send them to your patients. These files can be easily viewed online or accessed directly from their mobile phones, ensuring convenient and efficient communication with your patients.

Protecting Your Patients’ Records

Keep track of any updates to your patient records and directories, get instant alerts when changes are made, and stay informed whenever a document is edited. Safeguard patient confidentiality by limiting downloads of sensitive reports.

A clutter-free laboratory

Prevent the accumulation of unwanted documents and outdated patient information by setting retention schedules for your data and implementing automatic deletion from your system. Discard unnecessary files to reduce clutter in your laboratory.

Bring research to life

Boost research progress by fostering collaboration among departments and external academic medical centers. Share data analyses, test results, abstracts, and methodologies in real time with peers, and brainstorm ideas together.

Review and approve

Efficiently handle reviews and finalized reports to streamline laboratory workflows. Accelerate document processing time, seamlessly send patient reports to healthcare providers, and receive prompt feedback for improved collaboration.

Control access

Easily manage role-based permissions for doctors, researchers, and assistants in accordance with privacy and confidentiality regulations. Share patient information and test results with precise access levels for relevant care providers.

Your security is our priority

To safeguard the substantial amount of sensitive data processed in medical labs every day, Deupload strictly follows ISO 27001 and SOC-2 standards. This ensures that data remains secure at the physical, logical.

Discover data in a click

Easily search for CT scans, blood reports, and test results not only by file name but also using content keywords, allowing doctors to access the necessary information promptly for faster and more accurate diagnoses.

Secure file management for medical labs

Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of your critical data with advanced security features, adherence to industry standards, and user-friendly functionality.