Start pin new data on IPFS with Deupload

Files uploaded to an IPFS bucket on Deupload are automatically pinned to IPFS and stored with 3x replication across the Deupload infrastructure by default, at no extra cost to you.

Why pin your data on IPFS with Deupload?

IPFS pinning can be configured on locally hosted IPFS nodes, but for external, long-term storage, so that’s why DeUpload exists as an IPFS pinning service.

With Deupload you get all the benefits of decentralized storage and other cutting-edge protocols with the frictionless experience you expect in a modern dev workflow. Check out our docs pages to learn more.


All data is accessible via IPFS and backed by Sia network, with service authentication using decentralized identity.


We take the best of web2 and web3 to provide infra you can rely on to scale with you. Frustration with decentralized storage is a thing of the past.


Start storing in minutes using our simple client library to see how decentralized protocols can work together to unlock your data layer.

What is IPFS Pinning?

IPFS pinning refers to the process of specifying data to be retained and persist on one or more IPFS nodes. Pinning assures that data is accessible indefinitely, and will not be removed during the IPFS garbage collection process.

To protect data from the garbage collection process, data must be pinned on the IPFS network. This ensures that data is retained indefinitely and is always accessible. Pinning is useful for a variety of workflows, such as accessing data files from around the world without managing sharing permissions.

All data uploaded to IPFS is public by default since all you need to access it is the file’s CID. There are no permissions, user accounts, or other security settings tied to IPFS CIDs.

How does Deupload work?

Developers can start building in a matter of minutes – allowing them to take advantage of all the power and openness of the decentralized web with none of the infrastructure complexity.
Behind the scenes, Deupload is backed by Sia network and makes content available via IPFS leveraging the unique properties of each network.

About IPFS

IPFS offers content addressing – enabling developers to create immutable links to their content, and flexibility for developers in how they’d like to retrieve their data.

About Sia

Sia offers persistent, decentralized storage – guaranteeing the integrity of the underlying data through a robust economic model while also providing cryptographic proofs for verifiability.

Create an account

Create an Deupload account and start uploading your files to IPFS.

Get started in a few steps

We’re removes that complexity. Deupload offers a simple interface that allows users and developers to take advantage of the vast array of decentralized storage provided by the Sia network with IPFS protocol.

Upload your files

Your data will be accessible on the IPFS network where it is perpetually.

Uses IPFS content identifiers, no one can dispute what content your NFT.

What is meant by the “Deuload platform”?

Deupload is provide suite of APIs and services that make it easy for developers and other users to interact with data in a way that is not tied to where the data is actually physically stored. It natively uses decentralized data and identity protocols like IPFS, Filecoin, and UCAN that enable verifiable, data- and user-centric application architectures and workflows.

What advantages does Deupload have over traditional hosted storage services?

Because Deupload uses decentralized data and identity protocols like IPFS and UCAN, data and identity are referenced in an open way. Data is referenced using IPFS content identifiers that are unique to the data, making your data completely portable – accessible from anywhere broadcasting data to the IPFS network, whether on a local or peer device, or uploaded to Deupload itself. Data is backed up on Filecoin, which gives cryptographic proof that your data is physically being stored without needing to trust Deupload.

What advantages does Deupload have over other IPFS hosted services?

Deupload runs on Elastic IPFS, an open-source, cloud-native, highly scalable implementation of IPFS. We wrote it as the solution to address increasing adoption of Deupload, which previously used kubo and IPFS Cluster. As a result, Deupload is designed to give strong performance and reliability regardless of how much data is being stored on it, meaning that you can rely on it as you and Deupload grow. And all data is backed up in Filecoin storage deals, which gives cryptographic proof that your data is physically being stored without needing to trust us.

Ready to get started?

Store your data for NFT using ou API. It’s fast, open, and it’s free.

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Keep everything that’s important to you and your family shareable and safe in one place.

Are you developer?

Keep everything that’s important to you and your family shareable and safe in one place.