Compliance-focused healthcare file system

Gain control over information to enhance patient care. Manage all your files on Deupload while maintaining accreditations and keeping the costs down.

Design system focused on patients.

Consistent patient information across departments is essential for quality healthcare service. Deupload enables you to create a unified archive of patient records, making critical details easily accessible.

Streamline data flow

Efficiently coordinate by organizing multiple departmental reports of a patient within a Team Folder. Gather medical history, insurance details, scanned reports, and issued prescriptions to quickly draft the discharge summary.

Reduce waiting time

Don’t keep your patients waiting. Scan their reports, invoices, or prescriptions to share with them instantly. You can also send important reports to the relevant doctors, which will help them make informed decisions.

The right access for the right team

Deupload offers role-based access to safeguard documents and prevent data misuse. Grant your finance team access to the necessary information, such as insurance details and prescription bills, while keeping medical history private.

Deliver compassionate care from any location

Use a Private Team Folder for confidential files, With the revolutionary Deupload app for smartphones, healthcare professionals can now securely access critical patient records and collaborate remotely from anywhere in the world. Effortlessly review reports and share e-prescriptions on the go, providing seamless and efficient care, no matter where you are. the Public Team Folder for public documents like HR policies and safety manuals.

Uphold strict patient privacy standards

The healthcare industry manages vast amounts of sensitive personal data that requires utmost confidentiality. WorkDrive follows rigorous ISO 27001 and SOC-2 standards, ensuring that data remains secure at both physical and digital levels, safeguarding patient privacy with the highest level of protection.

Enhanced auditing and disaster recovery

Retain complete control over your repository’s files and folders. Detect unauthorized access or edits to reports through comprehensive logs and thorough activity monitoring. Additionally, easily recover any accidentally deleted patient information for added peace of mind.

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Secure document for digital health spaces.

Ensure robust and secure document management for digital health environments.