Storage and share your files on Web3

Deupload revolves around a storage service that ensures the secure preservation and accessibility of your data. It empowers developers with decentralized storage capabilities and content addressing, which can be accessed through user-friendly client libraries or an API.

Why Storage on Web3?

Discover the effortless fusion of decentralized storage and cutting-edge protocols through Deupload. Experience unmatched convenience in your modern development workflow.

Secure Preservation

With Deupload your data is securely stored, protected against unauthorized access or tampering. By leveraging blockchain technology and cryptographic protocols, Deupload ensures the integrity and confidentiality of your data throughout the storage process.

Content Addressing

Deupload provides content addressing capabilities, enabling easy retrieval of stored data using unique content-based addresses. This means you can access your data based on its content, rather than relying on traditional location-based addressing systems.

Enhanced Data Privacy

Deupload offers the benefit of enhanced data privacy by leveraging decentralized storage. With your data distributed across multiple nodes, there is no single point of vulnerability, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches. Your information remains under your control, enhancing privacy and confidentiality.

What is Web3 Storage?

At Deupload, we store your content on our custom-built Elastic IPFS instance, which ensures reliability and high performance to accommodate the scale of uploads we handle. Elastic IPFS guarantees continuous and speedy availability of your data over the IPFS network once it is uploaded.

Before uploading, your data undergoes a local conversion process into a CAR (Content Addressable Archive) file, which transforms it into a format compatible with IPFS, represented as a directed acyclic graph (DAG). This powerful process generates a content address locally for your data, providing a fingerprint guarantee. Additionally, you can structure the DAG in meaningful ways, such as assigning individual content addresses to files within your folders or key-value pairs within your JSON data.

Unleash Unprecedented Speed

With 200+ server locations worldwide, our built-in CDN (content delivery network) ensures your content is served with lightning speed, surpassing even the loading time of a YouTube video.

Video Optimization

Empower your audience to experience your videos exactly as intended. With built-in video optimization, you can effortlessly serve the best video format and size for your content.

Image Optimization

Say goodbye to image quality compromises. With Deupload’s image optimization, you can trust that your images will always be of the highest quality, ready to be shared and viewed instantly.

Drag and Drop to Web3

Log into your dashboard and simply drag and drop your files over. Files are instantly pinned to IPFS and accessible from any IPFS gateway.

S3 Compatible API

Our API seamlessly integrates as a substitute for current applications and tools utilizing, ensuring a smooth transition without any disruptions.


Experience the seamless replication and worldwide announcement of your data as Deupload effortlessly operates across multiple data centers and countries.

How it works

With our straightforward 3-step process, IPFS pinning becomes an absolute breeze.

Upload your data

Log into your Filebase dashboard and simply drag and drop your files over.

Data is replicated

Deupload automatically replicates your data from multiple data centers.

Data is available

Files are instantly pinned to IPFS and accessible from any IPFS gateway.

IPFS Use Cases

The underlying technology of IPFS unlocks a multitude of possibilities for inventive use-cases. Presented below are some commonly encountered examples.

File Sharing

Easily upload and share content by utilizing. Instant retrieval of data is possible from any IPFS gateway.

Software Distribution

The distributed edge-based architecture of IPFS makes it an ideal choice for distributing.

Video Streaming

Leverage IPFS for video streaming and benefit from it’s distributed edge-based architecture.

Decentralized Websites

Deploy static and censorship-resistant websites that can be accessed from any IPFS gateway.

Ready to get started?

Store your data for NFT using ou API. It’s fast, open, and it’s free.

Are you artist?

Keep everything that’s important to you and your family shareable and safe in one place.

Are you developer?

Keep everything that’s important to you and your family shareable and safe in one place.