Secure Document Collaboration for Law Firms

Digitalization has streamlined and simplified various manufacturing processes. With Deupload, manufacturers of any scale can build a central repository to improve information integrity at a reduced operational cost.

Collaborate seamlessly.

As your practice expands, ensure efficient team collaboration by utilizing our centralized Team Folders, which allow you to keep all your team projects organized and easily accessible.

Maintain control over your sensitive data

Ensure that files are accessible to all team members, while also implementing precise permission settings at various levels to restrict editing privileges to authorized individuals.

Set up a virtual law library

Boost efficiency with centralized case file organization and advanced search options for quick and easy access to relevant information.

Securely share files with clients

With Deupload, you can securely share important files with clients, set expiry dates for added security, track link activity, and even revoke access when needed. Simplify client collaboration and enhance confidentiality with secure, trackable, and customizable document sharing.

Maintain absolute authority

Meet the market demand for diversified legal expertise without compromising on your firm’s data security. Keep track of the file activity of everyone in your firm, whether they’re internal hires or contract employees.

Disaster recovery

In the event of server damage, your files are securely backed up to an alternate server, ensuring quick accessibility without noticeable delay.

Intrusion protection

Our servers prioritize security with malware screening, powerful IDS/IPS, and DDoS protection to safeguard files and ensure system integrity.

Two-factor authentication

Say goodbye to unauthorized access, as TFA provides an additional layer of protection beyond passwords, ensuring enhanced security for your account.

Encryption in transit

With 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) for data at rest, your files are protected throughout their journey, ensuring maximum security for your data.

Stay working while on the go

With the Deupload mobile app for iOS and Android, you can conveniently prepare for cases, share files with clients or teammates, and stay connected from anywhere, ensuring seamless collaboration on the go.

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